Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Towards a Robotic World – Get Hired and Fired by Software

"For every story about an employer who can't find qualified applicants, there's a counterbalancing tale about an employer with ridiculous hiring requirements" these are the Words of Professor Cappelli, of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.

Mr Cappelli, a professor of Management and Human Resources opines that Computer Software has almost replaced Real Human Recruiters in most Companies, adding that "applicants rarely talk to anyone, even by email, during the hiring process."

Automated Hiring process is helping Companies save lots of money, but making it possible for "CV Floating" - a process by which applicants are "keywording" their Cvs and cover letters to enable them secure a passage through these automated HR Software Hiring processes.

The Advantages of Automated HR Hiring system aka Computer Software HR Sorting techniques cannot be over emphasised, as this:
  • Reduces the time in which it takes applicants to search and fill up Job applications.
  • Reduces the time it takes Recruiters to go through thousands of Job Applications.
  • Saves Cost for Companies.
  • Broadens the Pool of resources from which Companies can pick their applicants.

It has been argued that there are so many talents out there, but Employers are still crying that there are no REAL Qualified Applicants to fill their job vacancies.

The reasons are not far-fetched. Research has shown that these Automated HR Screening Software screens-out Applicants who do incorporate some particular keywords (which unfortunately the Companies are looking for).

This leaves a foul taste on many applicants mouth, and automatically brings up the question or suggestions that Keyword Parroting in CV and Cover Letters might be the way forward.
Does this then suggest that it is only when you look at the Job Description and note the highest occurring words/skills and use them to stuff your CV and Cover letter that you would be able to cross the hurdle of the Automated Software Hiring process?

Is parroting Keywords in a Job Description the way forward? Are we moving towards a Robotic world, where you can get Hired and Fired by Robots? You alone can answer this.

What then do we need to do to Fix the Problems of the HR Automated Hiring Software or walk Towards a Robotic World where you can Get Hired and Fired by Software?

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